Painted Lady Educational Kits 


Parents, teachers, children, and residents alike are thrilled to witness the development of butterflies as they progress from larvae (caterpillar), to pupae and finally emerge as beautiful adult butterflies. 

The Painted Lady Classroom Kit features twenty-five caterpillars grouped together in sets of five, along with all the food they require.  We're excited to present our larger caterpillar containers.  You'll find less time is needed for housekeeping, there's a significant reduction in plastic containers and best of all it's easier to see the caterpillars! Our large re-usable butterfly houses are not included with these kits, but may be added to your order.  Available for delivery late April through to mid May. 

Price: $62.50/kit

For those who would like to share this wonderful experience with a smaller group, our Home Kits are also available. These include 10 Painted Lady caterpillars (two containers of five) along with all the food they require and a re-usable butterfly house.  The perfect Starter Kit!  Replacement Kits of 10 larvae are available upon request if you don't need the butterfly house. Available for delivery late April through to mid May.

Price: $49.50/kit.