Painted Ladies - Available for release late May until late August

These are a very social butterfly and when released will remain in the area for a little while as they mingle amongst you. You can expect them to land on flowers, plants, grass, brightly coloured clothing and they are not adverse to spending a bit of time on the end of your finger.  The Painted Lady butterfly is native to most parts of Canada which gives you the peace of mind to know they will flourish in the environment you have provided.  

Package B - 24 Painted Ladies

Price: $228.00

Package C - 36 Painted Ladies

Price: $342.00

Custom Package -    Enter the number of Painted Ladies and then click on Check Price  

Price: $9.50 / Painted Lady


Monarchs - Available for release mid-August until the end of September

These are an iconic butterfly to most Canadians with most of us stopping in our tracks to enjoy a moment in their presence.  When released you can expect one third of them to head for the sky and soar - almost like a bird!  The next third are the inquisitive members of the group who will remain with you for a little while and perhaps sample the nectar from nearby flowers. The last third are the thinkers of the group who will pause for a minute or two before deciding which of the other two groups they'd like to join.

Package A - 12 Monarchs

Price: $165.00

Package B - 24 Monarchs

Price: $324.00

Package C - 60 Monarchs

Price: $795.00